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Eye Spa Specialist

Janelle L. Davison, OD -  - Comprehensive Eye Care

Brilliant Eyes Vision Center

Janelle L. Davison, OD

Comprehensive Eye Care & Dry Eye and Aesthetic Specialist located in Shops at Belmont, Smyrna, GA

If you’ve never experienced an eye spa, you should take some time to visit Premier Eye Spa, located inside Brilliant Eyes Vision Center in Smyrna, Georgia. Janelle Davison, OD, and her team have created an outstanding resource for eye health and overall wellness. Booking an appointment takes just moments online or over the phone, so don’t delay.

Eye Spa Q & A

What is an eye spa?

An eye spa is a setting where you can receive top-quality eye health treatments as well as selected medical aesthetics. Dr. Davison made the decision to include an eye spa as part of Brilliant Eyes Vision Center because she understands the importance of eye health enhancements and aesthetics in supporting overall health and wellness. 

Because Premier Eye Spa is located within Brilliant Eyes Vision Center, you can enjoy ocular aesthetic services under the guidance of a trusted eye care professional and licensed esthetician.

What kinds of eye health enhancement services are available at the eye spa?

One of the most popular eye health services is dry eye treatment. Dry eye can cause significant discomfort and can eventually lead to serious eye health issues if left untreated. A common eye health issue, dry eye is something that far too many people simply accept as inevitable. 

At Premier Eye Spa you can receive a full analysis of the quantity and quality of tear production. There are several types of eye drops that can prevent and treat dry eye. Another approach uses a device called the MiBo ThermofloⓇ to gently massage your eyelid margins, which helps unclog your meibomian glands and improve the flow of your natural oils. 

For patients with blepharitis, or eyelid inflammation, AB Max™ is a great treatment option. This treatment delivers carefully controlled exfoliation to your anterior eyelid margins, clearing debris and enabling optimal tear production. Anterior eyelid imaging and scans help inform and guide your treatment process. 

Amniotic membrane treatments are another option for treating dry eye. Using materials sourced from full-term placental tissue, amniotic membrane treatments help rehabilitate your ocular surface and reduce inflammation. 

Now offering Intense Pulse Light Therapy for Dry Eye and Ocular Rosacea. IPL is for patients with moderate to severe dry eye, blepharitis, ocular rosacea, or meibomian gland dysfunction. The treatment helps to improve the health of the meibomian glands, which produce the oil that prevents evaporation of the tear film.

What types of aesthetic services are available?

At Premier Eye Spa you have access to professional facials. These treatments are administered by highly skilled professionals with advanced training. They can help you relax and leave your skin looking and feeling its best. 

Aromatherapy and hot towels further enhance the organic facial process. Technicians have a soothing touch, and the entire process is deeply renewing, both internally and externally. 

Providing customized facials and dry eye services to enhance your overall ocular beauty and eye health. Visit to learn more about our services.

Premier Eye Spa also offers access to top-quality skincare products. You’ll receive a thorough skin assessment as well as guidance about which products will provide optimal results for your skin. 

If you’d like to explore the eye health and aesthetic treatments available at Premier Eye Spa, contact the office today to set up a visit, or book online.

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