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Janelle L. Davison, OD -  - Comprehensive Eye Care

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Janelle L. Davison, OD

Comprehensive Eye Care & Dry Eye and Aesthetic Specialist located in Shops at Belmont, Smyrna, GA

Eyeglasses are a time-honored means of correcting vision, and Janelle Davison, OD, and her team at Brilliant Eyes Vision Center in Smyrna, Georgia, offer many options to choose from. If you’re ready to improve your vision, come in for a personalized consultation. Dr. Davison can explain the pros and cons of various options and help you find a great pair of glasses. Online booking is available, or you can always call to check appointment availability.

Glasses Q & A

How do eyeglasses work?

Eyeglasses consist of glass or plastic lenses held in place by frames. The first step in getting glasses is a comprehensive eye exam and an evaluation of your vision. 

Dr. Davison determines the aspects of your vision that need correction. She uses that information to create a customized eyeglass prescription, which lab technicians use to craft your custom eyeglass lenses. 

There are several types of lenses available. Concave lenses are thinner in the center, and help correct myopia, or nearsightedness. Convex lenses are thicker in the center, and help correct hyperopia, or farsightedness. Cylindrical lenses have an irregular curve, and can correct astigmatism, which affects both near and far vision. 

How do I know which eyeglass frames are right for me?

Your eyeglass prescription determines how your lenses function, but the shape of your frames determines how your glasses will look as you wear them each day. Finding the right frames requires an understanding of how various options align with your facial features. 

The shape of your face is an important consideration when selecting new glasses. If you have a round face, certain eyeglass frame shapes will look better than others. The same is true for faces that are oval, square, or have a heart or diamond shape. 

When you come in for a new pair of glasses, the team at Brilliant Eyes Vision Center will help you find options that look and fit great. 

How much do new eyeglasses cost?

Dr. Davison understands the importance of budgeting when it comes to eyeglasses. She works hard to ensure there are outstanding options to suit every set of needs. From moderately priced frames to high-end designer options, you are sure to find an option you’ll be excited to wear. 

Brilliant Eyes Vision Center is also proud to support Black-owned and urban independent frame companies. Some of the brands available at the practice include FUBU, Kazoku Lunettes, and Coco and Breezy. 

Dr. Davison personally selects all of the eyeglass frames offered through her practice. She is also proud to offer select frames from Joy&Jane and JohnLyndon that highlight her deep connections to her family and her love of STEM. A portion of sales proceeds go to supporting S.C.O.R.E. Inc., a non-profit created by Dr. Davison and her sister to encourage and empower young girls who are interested in pursuing STEM careers. 

Learn more about your eyeglass options during a face-to-face visit. Online booking is fast and easy, or you can always call to check appointment availability.

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