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Soothing Eye Massage Specialist

Janelle L. Davison, OD -  - Comprehensive Eye Care

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Janelle L. Davison, OD

Comprehensive Eye Care & Dry Eye and Aesthetic Specialist located in Shops at Belmont, Smyrna, GA

Soothing Eye Massage Q & A

Mibo Flo Thermo is improving the lives of sufferers with its innovative and painless technique that helps to restore meibomian glands functioning.

Here’s how it works:

Mibo Flo Thermo applies heat (via eye pads) to the Meibomian glands, stimulating tear production and liquifying dried-up tears.

Things to know before the procedure:

  • It’s a painless procedure. Eye pads are massaged on your eyelids, stimulating tear production.

  • Remove contacts and eye makeup before the procedure, which lasts eight minutes per eye.

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