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From my 1st visit to my most current- Dr. Davison has been very thorough when discussing my condition- complete with her state of the art LCD technology which allows a more vivid explanation of diseases and their progression. I am grateful for her forward thinking to have me come in on appointments at different times of the day to capture my pressure reading. Because of this, she uncovered my pressure was higher in the morning than the afternoons, therefore placing me on a drop in the evenings to combat and hopefully mitigate future damage to my optical nerve which leads to Glaucoma. I saw her billboard and notice she has the same name as my Mom - who is no longer here and who had Glaucoma - so I feel like my Mom lead me to her!! I have since told a few friends about Dr. Davison and will continue to do so. Very please with her and her staff!!
3 days ago
- Rosiland P.
Beautiful salon and a great doctor and staff! Dr. Davison was very thorough in her examination and exceeded my expectations. She also explained my eye condition to me very well. Happy to have a eye doctor I can commit to now.
2 weeks ago
- Robyn F.
Excellent service! Dr. Janelle is very professional, prompt, thorough and friendly.
3 weeks ago
- V T.
Excellent professional service with friendly supportive staff.
4 weeks ago
- Wanda B.
Great service
1 month ago
- alanna s.
The staff and the doctor were amazing! They answered all of my questions and made the whole process very smooth. I'm glad to have found a great new eye doctor in my area!
1 month ago
- Dana P.
Dr. Janelle does a great job of explaining what she sees and the options you have.
1 month ago
- D B.